Love: An Essential Nutrient.

Love: An Essential Nutrient..


Push The Button: The Review


Jones, Feminista. (2014) Push The Button. 124pp.

The genre of erotica is usually not my first choice but I will indulge every now and then when something appears to be worth my time. Push The Button is the story of a BDSM (bondage discipline sadism masochism)couple: thirty-something, professional, and African-American. There are many topics that are taboo in the African-American community and a professional couple in this “Life” falls under the taboo tab. So, when I read the synopsis I said, “oooo, something different…” I have to admit I did not know much about the BDSM lifestyle other than glimpses of it from television and/ or movies and most of it showed Caucasian people so, like with so many other media images, I thought that’s not for “us.” Well, this book was written to teach me and others like me a little something. The story started as a blog series that the author made into a book after getting feedback from her audience. I did read the first installment online, now the first chapter of the book, which piqued my interest so naturally I wanted to read more. This book was a quick read with a few dense scenes, mainly the sex scenes. The sex scenes were different for me and described in a way that was arousing but not raunchy. I did appreciate the author’s descriptions. When I purchased the book I had expectations. I thought the book would be about “The Life” but it appeared to be more about the couple that just so happened to be in “The Life.” It touched on the BDSM lifestyle, the rules, the conventions, the roles but focused on this couple who had a lot of other stuff going on. The author did her job in that she wanted to show that everyday people were into kink and that you’d never know who you may bump into at convention or in an online community chat room. This was a quick but intense journey. I was left with many questions but I think that says more about inquisitive me than the author. The ending was something that I could have done without but the individual reader would have to decide.

Overall, this introduction into BDSM in the African American community was very entertaining and informative. The author did an excellent job of pointing out the difference between healthy, consentual Dominant/submissive relationships and abusive ones. This, in fact, was a major highlight for me as an outsider to know that this life is not full of abused women with self esteem issues.

My next writing piece will be very personal, exploring my own “limits” in the context of what I have just learned through Push The Button. Pick up your own copy and let us know what you think about the book and about your own “limits” in the comment section below.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

Raven and Ryan: A love story

I wanna try something. Today is step outside of your comfort zone day for me. Many writers and bloggers that I have connected with over the years know that I am very hestitant (and sometimes anxious and fearful) of sharing my work. The following is a small sample of a story I have been working on (for far too long) and plan to finish during the first quarter of 2015.
So, here goes nothing.. *squeezes eyes tight and cannonballs into the deep end*:

*written 11.09.13*
The ambulance ride was a familiar one. Stark white interior illuminated by severe lights. Just like the emergency room. The rough rocking back and forth. Constantly trying to hold your balance on the seat while, at the same time, trying to hold back your tears. Your own anxiety creeping up your neck to your face pushing against the vessels in your eyes. The pressure causing them to burst. Raven had a random thought about poor people and seat belts that forced out a small chuckle. The EMT looked up at her as he checked her mother’s blood pressure again.
“You okay?”
“Yes. Just had a.. uh.. a thought…anyway, how is she? Will we be there soon?” Raven knew the hospital route, knew that they had two more turns and to hit the roundabout before they arrived but asked to put the focus back on her mother.
“Her blood pressure is elevated but she is stable. We should be there in two minutes.”
Raven nodded and went back to staring at nothing. Her resolve settled over her like a heavy cloak. This was her life.

10 Steps To An All-Star Linked In Profile


LinkedIn Logo

I’ve recently become more active on LinkedIn.  Many people relegate to using it when they are looking for a job.  When I thought I was looking for a job, I reached out to someone who was an expert in addition to researching a ton of articles about improving my profile.  And then one day it happened.

Yup, I logged in to find that I had All-Star status!

With a maximized LinkedIn profile opportunities can come directly to you, instead of you looking for them.  In addition, it can help you establish credibility in your field. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your virtual pitch page for people you desire to meet with.

Here are 10 steps to maximize your LinkedIn profile and get you to All-Star Status.

1)  Customize your url.  LinkedIn Custom URL

As mentioned in my previous post about Branding, consistency is key especially when creating an online presence.  When you…

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Timing Is Everything


Dear God july 6TIMING

Dear God: Please help me to adjust my life clock according to the flow of your seasons and perfect timing.

When you’re working towards GREATNESS, there are any number of things that can hold you back.

Discouragement, anxiety, fear, worry.

Sometimes those things can lead to behaviors that will delay you on the path to greatness.

I’m a person who happens to believe that the Bible was written as a guide for life.

I believe that there is not a subject or topic that we won’t find covered in scripture.

And for me, obedience to God is paramount, so if I find a teaching that shows me the error of my ways, I’m more apt to apply the principle in my life.

As I thought about my quest for this month – to COMPLETE some things, I honestly admitted to myself that I tend to procrastinate!

Sure, I get…

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Day One – free write challenge and twist

Free writing. Free writing. I do not know what to write. I do not know what to focus on. There are one million thoughts running through my head. Of course I am exaggerating. The neighbors are loud. They are always loud. Kids always crying. And they always smoke. Their cigar and cigarette smoke seep into our windows and through the walls sometimes. The down fall of living in a row house. When I grow up, I’m gonna live in a single home. Ha! I think I’m funny and that’s all that matters. I am already an adult but I don’t think I made it to the grown up part yet. I want to write. I want to finish my story, my book, my novella. What ever it will be I want to get to the end but I am stuck. I need to get unstuck because I gave myself a deadline and I have to stick to it. My deadline is the day before my thirty seventh birthday. July eighth. I can not turn another year with this story unfinished. I know I have problems with endings. I know I do. And it is probably indicative of some larger deep seated issue… is the term deep seeded or deep seated? Hmmmm…. I will have to google that later. Anyway, this work thing gets in the way of my writing. Okay, not really. That is the excuse that keeps popping into my head. I need to rid myself of excuses. I know what my problem is and I do not want to admit it. I am a people pleaser. It is so hard for me to say no. I actually feel bad when I do. Okay, no. I can’t publish this. I actually don’t know if that is an accurate description of the issue. I think I just care too much. I want every one to be okay and so I do my best to try to help make that happen. Okay, did I just say the same thing just a bit wordier? Probably. I will figure it out once I re-read this piece. I think I can’t focus on my piece because I have adult onset A.D.D. Yes, I often partake in self-diagnosis. Judge your mother! I have a massive sinus pressure headache that I have been battling most of my work day. I just got home about an hour ago to my headache meds so hopefully they kick in soon. Did you know that you have to swipe/ scan your state i.d. to purchase these meds? Apparently, its an ingredient in making crystal meth. What the fuck? People are absolutely batshit crazy… going through all of that to escape reality? Just don’t be here. Screw it. They should just take the express train to the upper room so the rest of us can just buy headache meds without a problem and not have to worry about the person next door blowing up the neighborhood trying to be a do-it- yourself chemist just to get high. Any way, all that rant for what? Just to use the term batshit crazy! Ha! Funny! I did not know twenty minutes was so long. And I can barely keep my eyes open because of the friggin headache. Come on over-the-counter-but-not meds.. kick in already! I have to stop.