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2016 Reading Challenge



I am participating in a reading challenge and you should join me. This appears to be something that a busy part-time writer with a full time 9-to-5 can handle. There are twelve categories which is minimal compared to other reading challenges I’ve heard of. I applaud anyone who reads 25o books in one year. My life is not set up to even think about such a daunting task.

I am not completing them in order. I actually checked off my first box: a book you’ve already read at least once. I finished Gathering of Waters by Bernice L. McFadden for the second time. It was even more powerful the second time around. It was like watching my favorite movie again. I picked up on things that I hadn’t the first time. I read it a bit differently this time. I read as a reader and as a writer. I read for research and for entertainment, for enlightenment. My heart raced at the same places though, at the places where Emmett was mentioned. And I literally had to put the book aside because I could not stop crying when they would not let Emmett’s mother see him. I am a mom. I hurt for her. I could not imagine losing my son. This time around I noticed that Ms. McFadden mentioned Philadelphia. I am not sure how I missed that the first time. I love my city and when it is mentioned in prose I am giddy with pride.

I also have additional questions about characters:

Who is Verna? And how did she make out in Philadelphia? (I’m thinking about trying          out some fanfic with this character. I’ll ask Ms. McFadden via Twitter to see if she              would be okay with it.) What happened to Sissy Johnson? What happened to Doll’s              mother and brother? And who was Tass’s father?

I absolutely love love love this book and would recommend it to everyone. You will fall into it and won’t want to come up for air.

The next category I will check off is: a book that you’ve previously abandoned. I will be reading All About Love by bell hooks. I started this book as a part of a Twitter book club (via @afromadu) in December 2014 and only finished the first four chapters. I decided to read this book as a part of the reading challenge and as a guide for my feature blog post, for next month, on Love.

What are you reading?



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