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Raven and Ryan: A love story

I wanna try something. Today is step outside of your comfort zone day for me. Many writers and bloggers that I have connected with over the years know that I am very hestitant (and sometimes anxious and fearful) of sharing my work. The following is a small sample of a story I have been working on (for far too long) and plan to finish during the first quarter of 2015.
So, here goes nothing.. *squeezes eyes tight and cannonballs into the deep end*:

*written 11.09.13*
The ambulance ride was a familiar one. Stark white interior illuminated by severe lights. Just like the emergency room. The rough rocking back and forth. Constantly trying to hold your balance on the seat while, at the same time, trying to hold back your tears. Your own anxiety creeping up your neck to your face pushing against the vessels in your eyes. The pressure causing them to burst. Raven had a random thought about poor people and seat belts that forced out a small chuckle. The EMT looked up at her as he checked her mother’s blood pressure again.
“You okay?”
“Yes. Just had a.. uh.. a thought…anyway, how is she? Will we be there soon?” Raven knew the hospital route, knew that they had two more turns and to hit the roundabout before they arrived but asked to put the focus back on her mother.
“Her blood pressure is elevated but she is stable. We should be there in two minutes.”
Raven nodded and went back to staring at nothing. Her resolve settled over her like a heavy cloak. This was her life.


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