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Timing Is Everything


Dear God july 6TIMING

Dear God: Please help me to adjust my life clock according to the flow of your seasons and perfect timing.

When you’re working towards GREATNESS, there are any number of things that can hold you back.

Discouragement, anxiety, fear, worry.

Sometimes those things can lead to behaviors that will delay you on the path to greatness.

I’m a person who happens to believe that the Bible was written as a guide for life.

I believe that there is not a subject or topic that we won’t find covered in scripture.

And for me, obedience to God is paramount, so if I find a teaching that shows me the error of my ways, I’m more apt to apply the principle in my life.

As I thought about my quest for this month – to COMPLETE some things, I honestly admitted to myself that I tend to procrastinate!

Sure, I get…

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