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And so it begins… AGAIN (ROW80 update)


Mondays are absolutely crazy for me. It’s my “duty day” at work which means I handle my issues and that of my team that may arise in the office. I barely get a chance to take a break and sometimes I have lunch when it’s quitting time. It is also difficult to turn off work and turn on the creativity. Sometimes I am so mentally drained that I can not figure out what to eat or to wear the next day to work. But what helps, beyond measure, is the continued support of the ROW80 community. Knowing that you all are out there in cyberspace, working diligently, creating, crying, fretting, and willing to share it all and be supportive of others… including lil ole me, well… where are the words for that? With all of my starting and stopping, you all have been there and in three years the community has grown exponentially but has not lost its essence which is what continues to draw me back. Life gets in the way. We start. We stop. We start again. And again.

Thank you, ROWers, for being right there. You all are awesome.

Especially our fearless leader, Kait Nolan.

She leads by example and continues to encourage even when her life gets “in the way.”

This round, Kait encourages us to challenge ourselves by focusing on improving a specific aspect of the craft and so I kept this in mind as I developed my goals for this round.

Goals: Round 4, 2013

1. Write everyday: I signed up for 750words.com a few years ago and have not utilized it to assist in my writing as much as I could have. I am putting it to full use to get into the habit of writing every day and having it become as second nature as breathing. I have allow life to get in the way a little too much. I will write, at least, 750 words every day.

2. Control my inner editor: I start and stop and reread and rewrite so much and have yet to finish a piece. I found an article that gave a few suggestions on how to quiet your inner editor. I will attempt one form each week.

3. Improve an aspect of the craft: Dialogue. I will conduct real world research at least once per week (AKA eavesdrop) and attempt to apply what I’ve learned “in the field” to my writing.

4. Reading: I purchased On Writing by Stephen King… finally! I will complete this book this round.

5. WIPs: I am working on my Philadelphia Stories. I will complete the Philly’s Finest section by the end of this round.

6. Business: My dream is to be a business owner. I am taking steps toward making my dream my reality. I will complete my business plan this round.


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