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9th Wedding Anniversary

I left work a few hours early so that I could set up the house for this evening’s surprise. The house was already spotless. I made sure of that yesterday. I started with our bedroom placing the candles and flowers in all of the right places around the room. I wanted the ambience to reflect the love and passion that I have for us.  I laid out the lingerie that I purchase for this celebration. A sheer negligee because that’s all we’d really need. I’ll shower and change after I set the dinner table.

I made our favorite dish. I’m so happy that our tastes are so similar. Those freshly sliced mangoes will be the proper transition to the bedroom.

Tonight, marks nine years of marriage. Nine years of laughter and tears. Nine years of love and pain. Nine years of one another’s everything.

But, tonight, I sit at this table alone. There is no celebratory dinner. No happy ending.

Separation has settled upon our union. I sit alone at this table. A single tear burns a path down my cheek.


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