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In my life…

I sat down to finally write this post and this Beatles’ song began replaying in my mind. This is a post that has been brewing for some time. Many months have passed since I last posted, really since I’ve last written anything of substance.

I have thought about the community that I’ve been welcomed into via the blogosphere and I have missed the interaction in my absence.  This year has proven to be extremely tough. I have been going through a marital separation and this stress is unlike any other.

My response to stressors vary but usually all come together when I put pen to paper. Yes. An actual pen filled with black ink on actual paper in a beautiful journal. It helps. I return to the basics when stressed so anything resembling a blog post has been buried in the pages of one of my journals. I was absent from my blog but I held on to my basics to get me through the rough times.

I have learned plenty about myself in these past few months. I’ve learned that I am more resilient than I thought I could be. I’ve also come to realize that my passion for writing, for expressing , for creating is still very much alive and no amount of heartache or heartbreak can quell that passion.

In this new position that I find myself in, I am sharpening my focus. This isn’t an overnight one-hundred-eighty-degree sort of thing. It’s gradual and constant and it feels great. I’ve set goals for myself, not just for my writing but for my life, and am seeing them through to fruition. And it feels great. Fear is beginning to dissolve and my sunshine is beaming through.

I am beginning to do some of the things that I’ve set as goals in the past but did not accomplish them. I’ve been travelling more and getting a better handle on my finances. I’ve been trying harder at a healthier lifestyle. And I’ve definitely let go of so much stress. I actually feel lighter. I’m working on a few short stories and plan to have them done by the end of August. I’m moving. In previous posts I wrote about feeling stagnant well not anymore. I’m moving.

I think this song resonates with me because love was never the issue. It’s still there. It’s still here. And so am I.

In my life…


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