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Super Bowl Sunday 2013

Superbowl-2013Super Bowl Sunday…. means absolutely nothing to me. My interest in sports, overall, has declined dramatically over the years and with football I’ve always been on the fringe of fandom. Maybe because I played basketball and followed that sport at all levels of play. Even named my son after “The Human Highlight Reel.” (Basketball fans will know who that he is.) But, I digress…

Although, I hope Ray Lewis gets the ultimate retirement gift in the form of SB ring, Super Bowl Sunday, to me, means the same as last Sunday: do laundry, get housework done, get work work done, mentally prepare for work on Monday, and try to focus long enough to formulate a sentence.

My words have been missing in action over the past 2-3 weeks. Work has taken the forefront and has left minimal time to focus on writing so my January has been less than productive. Let’s recap:
– started the #sexyshred health and fitness challenge, via Twitter, with my sister
– my sister had a seizure
– my #sexyshred participation began to decline (I did not met my my -15lb weight goal)
– had qualifications for work, which is always nerve wrecking, (I passed but I may have strained/sprained my thumb in the process…long story)
– had training for work that required over night travel (just thought about this: I could have used my voice recorder during my two and a half hour drive to and from the training to work on my WIP!…next time…)
– had to work on other projects for people that I’ve partnered with in the attempt to build on several different fronts (some was internet research, some promotion and sales)
– AND I have reports due at the end of the month and the beginning of the month so that week that we transtion from one month to the next is ridiculously hectic and….drumroll please… I was locked out of my computer on January 31st! Because I could not get through to the help desk, my reports were late which threw off my February 1st reports…

Here we are, February 3, 2013 – Super Bowl Sunday, and I have to get ready for work… today. I’m on my way out of the door to work for a few hours the come back in and work on my February 1st reports.

Where are my ROW80 goals in all of this? I’m still sifting through the haze of my life right now. Work has become a dense fog…but here goes…


READING– I’ve a couple online book clubs/reading challenges over the years but never truly became involved. One of which is Mocha Girls Read via Goodreads. Well this month’s selection is Sugar by Bernice L. McFadden and I have it in my possession.
My goal is to read this novel and participate in the discussion this month.

WRITING– There are so many topics I want to write about that they sometimes cause a traffic jam in my head. I truly want to finish a piece of writing but I keep coming up with new story lines (just came up with a new one in the shower: Open For Business -this is a working title). Also, I have to tell myself that it is okay to include non-fiction as “writing.” In the past, fiction has been my word count focus, my measure of whether or not I’ve “written” anything in a single day.

I want to start a writing program for girls in my area. My goal is to complete my proposal this month.

I’ve also come to realize that my life, right now, does not allow for daily writing but I can set a weekly word goal…

My weekly word count goal is 1000 words. I will measure my week from Sunday to Sunday.


I am inconsistent with my participation in the gym. Honestly, I don’t want to be inside. I’ve found that I get my best results from running… outside. My goal is to get back out on the running trail on Kelly Drive 3-4 days each week so I have to get the proper outdoor running gear. Again, my week is from Sunday to Sunday. Also, slowly but surely my old eating habits are returning. I have to consciously decide to treat my body better by not pumping it full of junk (although junk tastes great sometimes!)


Thursday evenings belong to me. I watch Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal faithfully and cannot comprehend anything other than those two shows from 8:30p-11:30p on Thursday nights.  I’ve also found one more show that I’m now hooked on: House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. It’s a Netflix original series and it’s so good! The best thing about it is that you can watch all of the episodes whenever you want… no waiting until next week to find out who dunnit! I know, I know, I could use that TV time to be writing.. or working.. or working out.. or doing laundry.. or a number of other things but hey, I don’t. And I’m fine with that so you should be too!


One thought on “Super Bowl Sunday 2013

  1. Oh my, your end of January sounds like my end of January! What a pain, and boy, am I glad that month is in my rear-view mirror!

    Your new goals are great–I especially like your planning to create a writing program for girls in your area. I would have loved to have had a mentor in my early life.

    I hope your start to February calms down quickly, and that you have a peaceful week ahead!


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