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New Goals? Already?

images (6)My A.D.D. does not care about Rounds of Words or a resolute New Year.

My A.D.D. does not care about schedules or goals or word counts.

My A.D.D. is a 3 year old hopped up on Lolly Pops running up and down each nerve axiom.

So, here I am, posting new goals only a week into Round One of 2013. I tried to hang in there but all of the sitting in front of my computer typing a sentence then almost breaking the backspace button to rid the world of that crap is just a bit much. And way too unproductive. I have to put that WIP away for a while. I broke a few rules with that piece. Like the one where you are not supposed to read what you wrote the day before. Ummm. Yeah. So, I was advised not to do that the day after I did it. OOPS. Plus, I have not come up with a good enough hell to put my MCs through just yet and I’m to that point in the story where shit-must-hit-fan.

I am giving myself an early do over. On one of the many blogs I peruse (sorry I forgot the name. when I find it I will give her props) the ROWer sets weekly goals. I’ll try that this week and see if that’s a better fit for me.


I will complete one short story this week. Word goal: 1000


Work out at least 4 days out of the week.

I’m starting with a full plate: working full time with a schedule that can change without notice, an important qualification to pass this week (I get so anxious! UGGGHH!), a household complete with husband, children, laundry, etc., and a few partnerships that require some of my time to work on outside projects. I didn’t set any reading goals for this week because I have an event and that qualification to get ready for so the above goals should be enough for this week.

Pray for me.

(BTW… I’m self diagnosed A.D.D. but I’m probably spot on with my analysis. LOL!)


4 thoughts on “New Goals? Already?

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  2. Hi there! You sound really busy with all that non-writing going on in your life – lucky you! How did your qualification go? Did you pass? That’s always a challenge to push facts into your mind when you want to write and push stories out.
    Good luck with ROW80!


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