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ImageI feel my A.D.D. kickin’ in. I am trying to focus on completing the WIP (work-in-progress) I am working on but I’m getting bored. Not that it’s boring but I think I’ve dragged it on way too long and now I’m no longer interested. I am horrible. I get bored easily (luckily my husband keeps things interesting!) so…. I need an intervention. Please help. My goal is to finish a piece of writing that I’ve already started as opposed to beginning a whole new storyline.  I have a problem with endings and I’m trying to work on that sooo…. help me. Please?


2 thoughts on “Help

  1. My finger is splinted so my responses will be stilted. If you need clarification, text me sometime tomorrow.

    1. Write the good bits. Skip the boring stuff, for now. You can add exposition later, during revisions. Flesh out. Descriptions.
    2. Follow Vonnegut’s advice–put your protagonist through hell. If you are bored, your character hasn’t entered hell let alone started going through it. So stop holding back!
    3. If you over-thought the story and burned out on it before you even started writing it then change the gender of your protagonist. Change the educational background. Change the class. Now put same character through hell only now your girl is a guy or vice versa.
    4. Do not read what you wrote the day before. If you need to know where you left off the day before, write a note to yourself stating where you left off and, the next time you sit down to write, read that and nothing else.
    5. Do not read similar books while you are writing.
    6. Rituals.
    7. Kickstart writing by doing a flash writing exercise.

    and enough. My finger hurts. Sorry. Hope some of this makes sense and/or helps.


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