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Hump Day

images (2)The good thing about Wednesday is that it’s the day before Thursday. (Thursday = Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) The bad thing about Wednesday is that it’s the day before Thursday. (Thursday = 12 hour work day)

I’m turning in soon but before I go, here’s my first check in:

I completed my first two goals- complete my re-read/edit and write my outline for the WIP I’m working on.

I can now focus on the actual reading and writing portion of this program. BTW, I know we just started but I’m thinking of setting new goals already.


Happy Hump Day!



7 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Oh, you’re an outliner…how does that work for you? I’ve always thought it seemed smart but I find myself flailing about (metaphorically speaking) whenever I attempt it. Regardless, sounds like you’re doing well and good luck with that 12 hour work day!


    • Hi Anna! I’m actually not “an ourliner.” In real life I’m a pantster. I’ve finally accepted that the way that feels so right is not working. This round I’m trying something different. I’m really horrible at outlining so I’ve done the best I can do. We shall see… Thx.


  2. Hi! I’m new to ROW80 and this is my first comment…lucky you! Ha! In all seriousness, I’m attempting to write my first novel and I spent months plotting and planning an outline for it before starting. As soon as I started writing, however, the outline went out the window. New ideas would just pop into my head as I was going along. I think from now on I’m going to be a bullet point outliner — making sure I hit the most important plot points. I’m jealous of those who can be that organized. Great job!


    • Welcome. Thanks for doing me the honor. Ok, so I don’t feel so bad about getting away from my outline (which is actually just bullet points) a little.
      Happy writing Kells! (yes, i give out nicknames. Lol.)


  3. Good job on coming out of the gate with flair! Also, I’m impressed that you’re trying something different with your writing. I’m a great believer of trying things outside one’s comfort zone–I’ve found my muse loves to live just beyond the edges of comfort for me. Have a great week!


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