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Yay! It’s ROW80 time!

tumblr_mg86wwrLJR1ra2rv8o1_500I’ve been anticipating the start of this round. Had an entire post written… in my head. Now that I’ve completed my 10 hour work day and my dinner, breakfast, and lunch preparation, I am drained. My eyes are heavy and I am praying my words make sense. So, this post will be short and concise.

Round One Goals:

1. Complete the review of my WIP, DC (title TBD)

2. Complete an outline for DC

3. Write four of seven days, 250 words minimum each day.

4. Read at least one novel this round (time is not on my side). Right now I’m working on House Rules by Jodi Picoult and I’m trying to read as a writer.

BTW… I missed you ROWers!


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