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I’ve come to realize…

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I am a pantster.

Pantster: A writer who creates a piece of work “by the seat of [their] pants.” A person who just sits down and writes, allowing the story to develop as it may. (Click here and here for further insight on pantster.)

I get a great idea, a character pops in my head, and I run with it. I have five WIPs (work-in-progress) started, almost 100,000 words, combined, written… and I’m stuck on all of them! I am great with beginnings. And horrible with endings (in fiction and in real life).

I am a pantster.

I’ve come to realize this isn’t working for me. So, obviously, I have to do something different.

Round one of #ROW80 2013 begins tomorrow so in preparation I will do the following:

1. Choose one piece to work on this round

This is actually done. I choose DC (I do not have a title yet.)

2. Complete my re-read/edit.

3. Create an outline. 

I’d like to point out that I truly do not enjoy writing outlines. It seems like it takes all the fun out of writing. I like to be surprised by my characters too. Bu,t as I’ve seen time and time again, at some point the story becomes stagnant. So, I’m trying something different.

Pray for me.



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