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Wednesday Night Out

New comic books… ehem, graphic novels are released on Wednesdays. So where where am I spending my Wednesday evening? Yep, on South Street at our favorite comic book store, Atomic City.

My twin nephews, my husband, and I trek down by the river at least once a month to get the latest edition of which ever favorite super hero’s newest saga.

My husband introduced me to the world of comic books and graphic novels back when we were dating. I guess it was his way of saying, “hey, I want you to go into this relationship with full knowledge of how much of a huge nerd you are about to marry.” Well, to date, my comic collection surpasses his. I’ve fallen off over the last few years though. Once Gotham Knights ended so did my passion. Gotham Knights was my first purchase and has a special place in my heart. After that things just weren’t the same for me but my nephews’ interests began to bud and of course the best Aunt NeeNee in the world has to take them to Atomic. Although I’ve been working crazy hours and my eyes are burning right now, I love them and just can’t say no…plus they are spending their own allowance money so, yeah…


One thought on “Wednesday Night Out

  1. Awesome Aunt NeeNee! I received a Secret Santa amazon gift card and I immediately gravitated to buying myself a graphic novel. I ended up buying a graphic memoir instead but I think that I was close enough. 🙂


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