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Comfort Zone

Comfort zone.

We all have one. Some of us still need a blankie to sleep at night. We don’t go too far to the left or the right. We only eat specific foods.

Try sushi? Me? Never.

We stay in this zone for comfort and out of fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success.

Fear of exposure.

Fear of living.


Well, I am guilty of this to a certain extent and I am choosing to no longer hold back my growth with fear.

I recently overcame two such fears. Last Sunday I entered into a writing contest. This is significant because
I rarely let anyone read my writing. I do not put myself or my writing out there for scrutiny or criticism so entering into this writing contest was a huge step for me. I am a writer, therefore, I need to be measured against my peers, receive constructive criticism and support from them.  Also, offer support and constructive criticism.

I am a writer.

This morning, I visited the writerunboxed website and found that I had become a finalist in their flash fiction contest with my entry in their weekly contest. Check it out here. I read it and screamed. Not because my name is spelled incorrectly and that is one of my pet peeves but because my name is in print (uhhh, type -written?) as a finalist.

I am proud  of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone, for facing a fear.

Speaking of stepping outside of comfort zones, the other instance where I proved to myself I am bigger than my fears happened this past Thursday. I “performed” at an open mic event. I read an Open Letter to my son in front of an audience. Stage fright is too light of a term to truly describe what I suffer from so for me to bare my soul in front of mostly strangers is huge!

*insert happy dance here*

So. The goal update? Right!

Writing: Write every day.

This hasn’t happened. I’ve been reading and brainstorming this week. I haven’t actually added to my WIP but I will. I have, however, written about 700 words while brainstorming and I now have a better understanding of where I’m going with this WIP. I feel good about the progress I made in less 700 words.

My goal is to get into the habit of writing everyday. I’m still working out some kinks in time management but I’ll get there.


I’ve been reading craft magazine articles, in print and online, which has helped me with the above mentioned writing. I have not read for pleasure, though. I have a stack of books (ebooks and traditional books) in my TBR pile to choose from. I’m going to do the eenie-meenie-miney-moe method of choosing and just go for it.


Soooo, I tried that exercise plan once and I’m still recovering. I used muscles that I clearly have not used in a while and I am aching. I am going to modify my exercise plans because I am fasting. It is pretty difficult to exercise without fuel so I’m going to do what I can. I’ll let you know how this goes.

Overall, I’m still happy. I’m still dancing. I’m still moving forward. And writing inundates my thoughts.

I’m good. How are you?



8 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. Congratulations on your being a finalist! That’s a major accomplishment, and how wonderful to step outside your comfort zone. It certainly paid off in this case! Keep taking baby steps and before you know it, you’ll have hit your goals. Congrats again!


    • thank you! now I’m battling with myself as to whether or not I should continue to enter into the same contest each week… can I top my first story? do I need to? decisions, decisions…. 😉


  2. Going outside your comfort zone will always be tough — but your comfort zone will expand! (When I was little, I ate only Cheerios, hot dogs and bananas. Now, Chinese chicken feet are inside my comfort zone.)

    In the meantime, notes take while brainstorming can be considered writing when you’re gearing up for something. So… good work!


    • Thank you! I notice that I do a lot of writing that I don’t “count.” I’ll work on that. And you are right, it does expand. I recently tried mussels. While I am able to eat them, I still can’t look at them so imagine my face when eating yet trying NOT to look at my food! Hilarious!


  3. I’d tell you that you’re doing well, but it sounds more like your progress is awesome! Well just doesn’t cut it. BIG congratulations on being a finalist and for taking steps to conquer your fears. That is incredibly hard to do. I take my hat off to you! Keep moving forward. You’re doing brilliantly.

    Cate (ROW80)


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