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Sunday Check In

Something happened once I turned 35 years old. I can’t put my finger on it though.   Before my birthday (7/9/12) I hit the 10,000 word count mark on my current WIP. I haven’t written anything on my WIP in the last few days though and I missed my Wednesday ROW80 check in. I started reading about writing online and in magazines and I got a bit thrown off. See, with my current WIP, I started out just writing, letting the story take me where ever.  Then, I read an article about character development and got stuck.  Do I stop my story and start writing about my MCs from birth, as the article suggested, or do I get the story out then work on the back story after? Okay, as I wrote that I realized that was a dumb question. I can’t start the beginning at the end. I feel like if I start my characters from birth it will change my story and throw it in another direction.  I like how its developing on its own.

Oh, I recently subscribed to Writer’s Digest and just received my first two issues in the mail. I opted for the print magazines because I cannot read ebooks/ezines for a long period of time, I like to turn the pages and sometimes write in the margins, and I like to receive mail other than bills! The articles have been helpful and insightful. I am very proud that I made this investment.

One of the articles I read suggested that writers should break rules to create experiences that would liven up our writing. I’ve been thinking about being bound by my fears and strict rules and how to shed them. I haven’t broken any rules (yet) but I have worked on one of my fears. I am so terrified of putting my work out there to be judged against other writers. I am so not a competitor. However, I do need to know how I’m doing and how I can improve so today I entered into the writerunboxed.com weekly flash fiction contest. I learned something valuable today: it is very difficult for me to tell a story in just 250 words. Verbose is the word I would use to describe me. I have to work on being concise. But I like words. I like saying too many words sometimes. I recognize, though, that being wordy can be a bit much for some to read.

But you’re here for the goal update, so…
My goal for this round is to write everyday, a minimum of 250 words per day. Well, I have not written every day but the days that I have managed to get words on paper/screen I have written more than my minimum. Only what I write toward the current WIP is calculated into the minimum 250 word count.

Today, I am revising my goals:

Writing: Write everyday. Write at least three days per week on my WIP. The other days’ writing can include blogs, journal entries, letters to the president, flash fiction, and basically any writing that has nothing to do with my WIP. This is where I will continue to attempt to improve my flash fiction.
Reading: Read at least one craft and one fiction piece each week. I may not finish the piece within the week but I have to actively attempt to get through a few pages. My issue has been finding the time to read for pleasure and craft so I have to actively work on making time.
Exercise: I am starting a 90 day challenge on 7/16/12. I came across it online. I actually gained weight as opposed to loosing it by my birthday! Here’s the plan- complete the following workout 3x/day, 3x/week:
10 push ups
20 sit ups
25 squats
20 lunges (10 per leg)
80 jumping jacks
I’ll have to modify this plan to fit my work schedule. I will walk along Kelly Drive every other day (weather permitting) and rest one day.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Check In

  1. Jeneen, I say get the words down — don’t stop now. Once you’re done, if you want, then you can go back and do the things Experts tell us to do. I think it’s great you’re moving out of your comfort zone with flash fiction!


  2. You can definitely do the story now and rework elements later, Janeen. For now, write the story you need to write for yourself. That gets it down on paper (or onto disk). Then you can tweak things to make other people happy… thing is, if you don’t like it yourself, you won’t be as inspired to offer it to everyone else.

    and YAY on the Flash Fiction! I just saw your piece on the Writer Unboxed! YAY YAY YAY!


    • Thank you. I needed to read these words. And the flash fiction contest was a huge scary step for me. Even if I dont win the contest Im a winner for overcoming that fear! Glad you liked it… Its difficult to stay under 250 words.


  3. YES! Get the words out….”The Writer’s Way” talks about doing “Morning Pages”…write them as soon as you wake in the morning to declutter your brain from all pressing issues so you can get on with your day. I apply that principle to my writing. I just write it – like a big writing “BLURT” and then I rework it. So proud of your progress. Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you. It is soooo hard to write before work just because of the line of work Im in I focus on putting my gameface on & gearing toward safety & security but when Im off I get up before everyone and write while the house is quiet. Speaking of morning pages, I have yet to locate my copy (must add that to my long to-do list). I’m glad you stopped by. Your encouragement is much needed and appreciated.


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