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Welcome, Jeneen!

Philadelphia has done an excellent job with the Welcome, America festivities that lead up to the fireworks on the 4th of July. There have been a host of events in the city dedicated to wishing America a Happy Independence Day beginning on June 25th. With that concept in mind, I created the Welcome, Jeneen celebration that includes events that lead up to my 35th birthday- July 9th. Now, that I’ve shared that information. You will understand why I missed a day of writing and the challenge just began.

I stated my goal on July 2nd that I will write everyday. 250 words minimum. I actually started on July 1st. But I missed writing yesterday because I worked, bought my nephew a guitar, then partied like its 1999! And I am still trying to recover. But I managed to write 750 words today so my daily word average is in tact but my biggest thing- to write everyday- well… we are in the middle of Welcome, Jeneen!

SFSG! (so far so good)

Happy Writing!


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