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#ROW80 Round 3, 2012

Here we are again. Round 3. Year 2.

I have been down this road several times before. Set goals. Adjust goals. Set new goals. Adjust goals again.

I love that this writing challenge is flexible and for the writers with jobs and bills and boo-boos to kiss, and dinner to make. It is so flexible, yet, I still find myself spending most of my 80 readjusting my writing goals. Either there have been too many or they’ve been too huge or, or …..or maybe I just haven’t given my writing goals the proper time and attention they deserve. Maybe I need to readjust my life to fit my writing goals.

I just want to write, everyday.

So, I will. 250 words minimum. Everyday.

My goal for the Round is to finish to short story I am currently working on. It actually may be a novella, but hey, who’s counting? I just need a finished product at the end of the Round so I can move onto editing…and writing the next story!

And of course, no finished product is truly complete without a happy dance… *adding happy dance to Round 3 goals*


12 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3, 2012

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  2. The daily grind of an artist is to rise and define. It sounds to me like you do that. Daily writing goal you meet daily makes the harder goals seem that much closer.


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