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Vacation and Play Time are Over ( A ROW 80 Check In)

I returned home today from a girlfriend’s weekend vacation in New Orleans. We were there for the French Quarter Festival that almost turned into the Hangover 3! Needless to say we had fun but I did not get any writing done.

As I prepared for the trip though, the writer in me developed a possible story line that takes place in New Orleans. Now that I am back home I can work on developing that story line but I must have been delusional if I truly believed that I would get any writing accomplished this weekend. I had my nice journal and good pen with me and everything. I barely slept!

I did accomplish a few things that are worth mentioning…. I flew for the first time in my 34 years AND I was travelling alone. My friends and I booked our flights at different times and I was unable to get their flight. I am so proud of me. This was a huge step. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be. I was actually more excited and looked out of the window most of the time! (Go me, go me! Yes, I am my own cheering section. LOL!)

I also finished the corrections to Douglass Church and I’m ready to move forward with his story.

I did not read or exercise but that’ll be back in full swing this week…. if I can just get out of vacation mode!

Happy Writing!


One thought on “Vacation and Play Time are Over ( A ROW 80 Check In)

  1. Hey, you got out and had some fin! Good for you! The muses need stuff like this. So, even if you feel like you accomplished nothing, trust me, you did exactly what you needed to do. And you made some “firsts” too. *waves pompoms*

    Of course, now… time for some butt in chair, hands on pen/keys! 😀


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