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Pollen: My Enemy (A ROW80 check in)

I’ve been sick all week. Like stayed home from work sick. A cold PLUS severe allergy attack?! Needless to say, I didn’t get much done but here’s my update:

-I’m still working on a playlist and recently downloaded Spotify.
-I have not written 250 words daily… I’ve actually been editing.
-I asked a musician friend to read over Douglass Church to make sure I’m on the right path. He gave me some suggestions for research and corrected some language. I have been working on going through making those changes and doing some research to move forward. So I may have written about 250 words all week I feel great about my progress as far as the research and where I’m going with this story.

-Read two essays in Black Cool which puts me about half way through the book.

– About this…did I mention the cold and allergies? I worked out about 40 minutes since Wednesday. I learned that in self-medicating, I mixed medications that should not have been mixed and almost made my situation a lot worse! TIP: Call your doctor BEFORE mixing medication.

I’m better, now. Not 100% but better.


One thought on “Pollen: My Enemy (A ROW80 check in)

  1. Consider this past week a week of rest so the week coming up finds you raring to go. I may not make my word count this week–I total my words on Wednesday–for I am dismantling a first draft, which means there soon will be many words.to write. Feel better and yeah, probably best not to mix those meds but good for you for exercising.



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