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I shall proceed… (a ROW80 check in)

Since this round just began, I have a short update.

I posted my goals last night (a day late) but have yet to put them into play.

I did, however, decide on the WIPs to work towards completing this round. In previous posts, I wrote about my one character that’s been yanking at my shirt tale to continue his adventure. Douglass Church is his name. Well, Douglass the wait is over because I chose you this round. Last night, I re-read my beginning so I know how to proceed and I started some time period research. No actual words added to Douglass Church but its a start.

I also decided to continue working on MBW which had been my focus last round.

So, I know where I’m headed. Douglass Church has helped boost my excitement again. I’ll be writing today despite feeling under the weather.

Happy Writing!


9 thoughts on “I shall proceed… (a ROW80 check in)

  1. Clearly, you understand the flexibility that ROW80 provides or maybe Douglass does and is showing you the way. I find that my goals actually develop as the round progresses. Perhaps, you will find a similar rhythm. Good luck!


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