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The story of my life (A ROW80 Check In)

I’m stuck.


I’m stuck and it seems like a recurring theme throughout my blog. Maybe I never really got un-stuck and I’ve been living within the matrix for some time now.

I’ve been MIA from ROW80 for a few weeks and now that Round 2, 2012 has begun I am without writing goals. Actually, I am without S.M.A.R.T. writing goals for this round.

Here’s my dilemma:
I have a few WIPs that I’ve been working on for years and recently I’ve been reading a few craft books that have given me some insight as to why I keep hitting the same brick wall when it comes to my writing. So, I have been trying to take a step back to refocus using these new tools. THEN my adult-onset A.D.D. kicked in (yes, I self-diagnose) and now I’m bored with the stories. I can’t tell, though, if its just me or if it’s actually the story that’s a bore. I think I’ve been working on them too long and just need to be done with them. Do I scrap everything and start fresh? I have at least 20,000 words written in each of at least three WIPs. I know there’s some good stuff there. Or, do I just buckle down and finish what I started whether I feel it or not?

Another part of my dilemma is that my life (work, family, friends, bills, the barking dog across the street, etc.) gets in the way of my writing goals. I know that I allow so many things to push my writing to the back burner. So, how do I get out of this rut?

This question is, of course, rhetorical. I know that only I can get me where I need to be. Kait Nolan’s email was very fitting and inspiring.

Discipline. She points out that we need it, a lot of it.

This is clearly something I lack and because of this other’s don’t respect my writing time.

Despite all of this, I still have that burning in my gut to create. I find strength in this writing community. Thank you all. I will be participating in this round. I believe that as long as I’m still trying all is not lost. So, if I stumble or even fall 999 times, I’ll get up 1000.

Here goes…

Round Two Goals:
Complete at least one WIP
1. Respect my writing time: unplug- internet, phone, tv, etc.
2. Write daily: 250 word minimum
3. Develop a writing time music playlist

Read at least three books: 30-45 mins of reading daily
1. Black Cool by Rebecca Walker
2. Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell
3. Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer by Armand Rosamilia (If I can get through this book I will write a review… Zombies scare me.)
BONUS: My sister just called to let me know that Eric Jerome Dickey is releasing a new book this month. We’ll probably read it together and have a book club meeting… a club that includes just us two!

Exercise at least 30 mins daily
Options include: Zumba on XBOX 360 at home, body-like-a-latin-dancer videos at home, going to the gym

My ideal day would look like this:
5am-wake up
5:30am-at the gym
7:00am-back home to shower
8:00am- leave for work
5:45pm-return home from work
6p- Zumba or body-like-a-latin-dancer video
7p-have dinner (I don’t know who prepares it or when! LOL!)
8p- writing time
9p- reading time
10p- bedtime

Are you laughing hysterically too?

Anyway, I’m here. You’re here. Let’s get down to the business of writing!


4 thoughts on “The story of my life (A ROW80 Check In)

  1. Hey, except for the “ideal day” schedule, I think you have a great set of goals there (and I love that you and your sister make your own mini-book club). I’m never as organized as you seem to be.

    But yes, Kait is right. You have to take this choice and make it into your career (yes, I know you have a full-time career and family on top on this already…especially with a cute thing running around, and little ones NEVER respect writing time…or at least mine doesn’t). You can do it.

    Maybe ask for an “alpha” reader on your WiPs that you’re having trouble getting into? (I say “alpha” rather than “beta” since they aren’t finished.) Maybe you could adjust them into short stories?


  2. Thanks Eden. The schedule was me trying to be funny. No, I’m kinda all over the place, trying to get organized.

    My sister is probably the only person that is close to me that shares my love of reading. She doesn’t read everything I read but its close enough. We can do a James Patterson or an Eric Jerome Dickey book, a Diane McKinney-Whetstone or a Bernice McFadden but not many others.

    Thank you for the suggestions. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated!


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  4. I’m almost envious since I’ve falling into the world of children’s stories and the husband who doesn’t want to read anything except manuals, news articles and reddit discussion threads…

    Hope the ideas might some help. I had a bit of the “boredom” time myself a few years back. What picked me out of it was trying to rewrite part of the story from a different character’s POV. Not only did I not rediscover my love of the main story, but I found out stuff that had “happened” that I never knew could happen. It was refreshing.

    Hope this may be of some help.


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