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I made lemonade…

So, here we are…another Sunday update.

I have two words that will explain everything: Potty Training.

I can almost hear all of the writers in this community collectively saying, “Oooooooh.”

Yep. Potty training. So needless to say I haven’t gotten to complete my daily minimum word count this week. A few days during the week I was hit with insomnia. I took that time to get some writing done. I added about 1000 words to my current WIP during those sleepless nights. Something is better than nothing.
This week, I also started applying what I’ve learned so far from Story Engineering to my current works. And I’ve come up with another story idea that I’m trying to hold at bay because I really don’t need another ‘in progress” without at least a “complete.” I am fighting with myself on this because another part of me is saying something new would be better for utilizing the tools I acquire from Story Engineering. (The battle continues….)

In the few moments of down time I have had, I decided to get back into a novel because I haven’t read for sheer enjoyment in a long while and I miss it. So, I’ve dusted off my hardcover copy of Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult and relaxed with a nice cup of Lady Grey. It’s the break I need, if only for a few moments while the baby naps.

Once she’s up again, its off to the races again!

Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “I made lemonade…

  1. Ooh, potty training time… Hmm, it was an eventful process that still sometimes rears its head here (and my son is six, but on the spectrum, so all those guidelines just get thrown out the window). Oddly enough, what worked the best (don’t know if your daughter is as obsessive about being clean as our boy is/was) for us to let him run around in a long shirt and no pants or anything. He wanted to stay clean and dry, and also didn’t have to fight getting our attention or help undressing… Now it’s only when he gets scared by something at school or so over-involved in his imaginary worlds that we have an issue.

    Might be worth a try.

    As for the story idea… two possibilities I can think of beyond just saving it for later. Could you somehow make it into a sub-plot in your bigger work? Or can you actually rotate two WiPs? (I do this and also know a bunch of other writers who do the same–it keeps down some of the burnout).

    Have fun with the adventure! It’s worth it.


  2. You just need to find a way to translate the intensity and commitment of potty training to your WIP. 😉 So much of PT is similar to a Muse. My girls (3) needed my assistance, but ultimately they were trained when they were darn good and ready. Good luck!!


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