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Where do we (I) go from here?

A short snippet about the title:
It’s an ooey gooey late 80’s love song performed by Johnny Gill and Stacy Lattisaw. Please don’t ask…songs randomly pop in my head.

Life happens.

But its beginning to feel like this is my go to excuse, like its no longer a reason for not getting to whatever it is that I planned to accomplish.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about the difficulty of working in law enforcement full time (a job that seems to last well past 5pm most days) and turning on my creativity or even having the energy to create. My day job is not conducive to my creativity. I’ve been trying to figure out why I don’t write stories that involve crime. Honestly, once I leave work, I really do not want to think about it. I mainly write about everyday people and their relationships with one another, the idiotic things we sometimes get ourselves into, and their determination to be better.

For the past few weeks I’ve been reading (or trying my damnedest to) and re-evaluating the direction I want to go with a particular story. At the same time, I’m trying to figure out what type of writer I am and how to maximize my output with limited time. I’m still trying to work through Story Engineering by Larry Brooks and I’ve been hopping
blog to blog getting inspiration from others. One thing I noticed that I do not do well (because I tend to get lost in cyberspace) is link back to the blogs that I visit and have been helpful. Well, today I read a few of Dawn Montgomery‘s posts that have helped me think and rethink a few things.

(BTW, Dawn if you’re reading this I think you’re funny… not sure if that means much because I think I’m funny too and I KNOW some of my jokes are distasteful -to some- but mostly corny as ever! LOL!)

It sometimes seems as if I am not doing enough in terms of writing. This may be undo pressure that I am applying to myself or it could be reality. Yes, learning the craft is very important and worth spending time on but do I do so in lieu of actually putting words on paper. As I learn more about the craft, I question whether I should chuck the thousands of words I melded together so far in several WIPs and start from scratch. Or should I continue with what I have so far, apply what I’ve learned from this point forward, and deal with everything else during the edits?

I have been accused of thinking too much. THIS is a problem? Umm, it can be. I know I should just get the story out but I’d like NOT to feel like I’m spinning my wheels, wasting the little “free time” that I have.

Here’s another dilemma (dun dun dunnnnn): I may also be doing too much, in terms of everything else. I covered the full time job, I’m married with one bio kid and four stepchildren- full time. AND I’m trying to help two friends build their businesses which, if successful, would bring in some residual income for me. Add to these duties the more-than-occasional life-in-the-city crap that lays itself at my doorstep, sometimes literally, and there you have the makings of a barely productive writer. PHEW!

I tired of THIS being the norm so I am working to change my norm. I realize I’ve been lackadaisical about my schedule so I can improve there. And I can turn my phone off (Twitter will steal your time if you let it…), stay away from my computer, and get back to the love of this thing called writing by doing just that: WRITING!

A Good Pen. Journal. Headphones.


Oh, you’re here for the ROW80 update?

I’m still working on Story Engineering.

I will get back to my 250 word daily minimum starting tomorrow.

Today, my son has a playoff game. DCCC vs. CCP at Widener University. Dom’s playing (Owens #10) and I’m Dom’s mom so where else would I be?


Happy Writing!


5 thoughts on “Where do we (I) go from here?

  1. I got some great stuff out of Story Engineering. Hope you do too. Sometimes we need to take that hard look and evaluate where we are and where we want to be as writers. Best wishes pulling it all together. Your 250-word daily minimum sounds like a great goal. Happy ROW80!


  2. Sometimes the hardest work about writing is the “not-writing”. Actually, I think in the long run, the busy life you are leading will yield amazing fiction, but at the moment you are (it sounds like) too close. So take your time. I have confidence that it will come. It probably won’t be crime fiction, but don’t kid yourself… You are building catalogs of characters and settings, that will be incredibly powerful.


      • I did nothing but state the obvious. I’ve read (not always commented) your posts, and you have a flair for descriptions and a clear desire to express yourself. That’s enough. And life won’t always be as busy and stressful as it is now. That I’m sure of too.


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