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Another Short Sunday

I am still reading (or trying by best to read) Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. As I type this post (on my phone, might I add), the little girl is making noises to test her voice and fidgeting as she fights sleep.

When I get a few moments, I plan to continue reading and, at some point before next check in, work my way through Triberr and put pen to paper or rather BICHOK.

I’m still working on a schedule that actually works with the little girl. I truly applaud those of you who have one or more little ones and a writing schedule that’s working for you.

Happy writing!


One thought on “Another Short Sunday

  1. I’m sure I’ll ever get a schedule that “works” Flexibility seems key, and some days I’m struggling to stay up those last ten minutes to get my word count in. Hopefully you’ll manage better than me, but even if you and I and all our fellow writers and parents do end up living a life of perpetual chaos…. it’s worth it. Think of the gift of your words, your thoughts that will be able to last forever…think of what you can give your girl. You are an amazing mother, and you will be a great writer.


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