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A Shorty on Sunday (A ROW80 Update)

Still reading.

No new words added to my WIP.

Just reading.

I’m not downplaying the need to read at all. I do however feel the urge to put words on the page. But I’m fighting through it for the greater good: BETTER words on the page.

I’m reading Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. I posted this on Twitter (@wordsXdesign : Good morning Tweeties! I want 2 b #amwriting but its #amreading time for me. Right now Story Engineering by Larry Brooks #row80) and received pretty good reviews from others who had read it.

So not much to report. Life is still crazy and not yet conducive to the writer lifestyle I long for. Tomorrow is MiMi Monday. Yep, the little girl is back and we have a Chuck E. Cheese party to attend at 6pm tomorrow so… how much reading or writing do you think I’ll get done tomorrow? *heavy sigh* ….such is life.

For now, I’m still reading.

I hope to get through Parts One and Two by next check in and Parts Three and Four by the end of the week which will bring me to the middle of the book. I also have a few novels waiting for me (of course!) and just added Gathering of Waters by Bernice McFadden. I won a copy of her novel in an online contest and received the paperback in the mail. I rarely win contests so of course I was hella excited! LOL!

Hope you got everything done you planned to do! If not, there’s always tomorrow….
Happy Writing!

(PS.- I wrote this post then opened Kait’s email so I could get to the linky tools and what do I see? Kait urging everyone to read Story Engineering! LOL! Kait, I’m on it!)


3 thoughts on “A Shorty on Sunday (A ROW80 Update)

  1. I’ve been hearing a bit about this “Story Engineering” so I think I am off to purchase.it.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    p.s. I agree with you on the “better words on the page.” Reading is work related!


  2. I will have to add Story Engineering to my list. This is the second time I’ve heard it. The little girl is adorable. But, yes, it is hard to get word counts in with little ones. Mine are 6 and 10 and even if they don’t need my constant attention, they need me to constantly be putting out fights. Fun times. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂


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