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Re-evaluation is essential.

See, I have this horrible habit of beginning projects and not completing them. I come up with a new idea and the piece I had been working on gets tossed into the to-be-continued pile, many times, never to be seen again. At first, my goal was just to finish something, anything. Didn’t matter if it was good or bad. I just needed to finish.

But something happened during this row 80 round…I started to care about the finished product. As my ‘short story’ morphed into a novella because of the amount of time and energy I’ve been focusing on it lately, I realized that it DOES matter whether or not its good. I began to think about other people actually reading it and criticizing the piece.

Now I have started to regroup and redirect my focus a bit. I’m half way through Kait Nolan‘s From Pantser to Plotter compiled blog series. I am a pantser and hit a brick wall- HARD. I see now that I need to incorporate some advanced work on the piece that I’m currently writing so my writing will be a lot more focused and my story line will be tighter.

I had to go back to the basics, my comfort zone- ye olde trusty pen and paper. I pulled out my pen and paper and begin to write write as opposed to type write to get my thoughts out. I wrote out what I would like to happen in each month of the year that this story takes place. I also wrote out some background on characters that I hadn’t previously focused on.

Overall, this week could have been better but I was able to add over 1600 words to my WIP, get in some research, and actually read a few pages of two novels. I was a little under the weather so no exercising at all.

I always hope to have a better week than the last, so here’s to having faith that things will improve! *raises glass*


3 thoughts on “Re-evaluation

  1. I’m under the influence of allergy meds this morning so I risk being incoherent here, but I do want to say I think you’ve done good this week. That work done outside the story (discovering where you want the story to go and how you’re going to get it there) can be some of the most important work we do as writers. Best of luck this week!


  2. Here here for WRITE writing, not only TYPE writing. It does make a difference. It does it does it does it does.

    I love how ROW80 is an exercise in refining as we go and NOT continually clunking ourselves over the head. Sounds your novella devotion is a fine example of this!

    BRAVA! for you & for ROW80! I’m looking forward to your next update!


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