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Adjusting for Life

I have hit a dip in my writing and this is the point where I usually get thrown way off track.

But I’m fighting through it.

I changed my Sunday routine a bit. I usually write my update, post it, then look at other ROWers’ updates. But, today, I read a few of the updates of the ROWers whose blogs I follow. I got a few ideas of some changes that I can add to my weekly goals.

This week, I have written 2,256 words so far (and I still have the rest of today to add to that count) but I did not reach my goal of writing daily, a minimum of 250 words daily.

This coming week I have to adjust my goals. I although I would like to write daily. My draining work schedule and “toddler week” makes it challenging to meet this goal. I’ll actually have to scale back my writing for the rest of the month because I’m doing on something extra at work to ease my hectic work schedule.

1. Write 1000 words per week (Monday-Sunday): I’ll write when I can, maybe via wordsprints with fellow ROWers…
2. Research a few topics to help with my WIP. It started out as a short story and it is getting longer and longer.
3. Get BACK on my workout schedule. I will go to the gym 3-4 times per week and follow my workout video on off days from the gym.

And, in a perfect world I would add these two goals also:
4. Read at least one chapter per week of the Jodi Picoult novel, Sing You Home, that I’ve been “babysitting” forever. I am really pressed for time but I love to read and have to satisfy that need.
5. Read one chapter per week of Secrets of Success by Sandra Anne Taylor. I’ve been carrying it around in my very out-of-season Vera Bradley backpack for weeks.

Next Sunday we’ll see how perfect my world is….

Hope you all are having an awesome time with your writing!


6 thoughts on “Adjusting for Life

  1. First of all, let me say…Vera Bradley is never out of season ;). Sooo jealous of the backpack! Adjusting the goals is always tough, because you wonder if you’re doing well or not.

    It’s good to pace yourself. Writing is a marathon of words. 🙂

    You are doing awesome!!! Keep on going. 😀

    Keep Writing!


    • Thank you Dawn. I am trying to keep moving forward even if I slow down a bit.
      And about the Vera…dont be, my sister is “the shopper” and SHE is the only reason I have it or even know the name of a designer! LOL! Take care.


  2. I have had two ROW80 rounds in which I had to adjust my goals. It’s definitely better to reconfigure if life demands and then log good progress on those. Your word count looks nice! I am about to embark on a 2500/week goal; we’ll see how that goes. Have a great week! Love the adjusted goals — focused and do-able.


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