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The Sax Player

In the ever-changing hustle and bustle of urban living, once can always find the sax player. a petite, pretty woman wielding a monstrous work of art. she plays. she blows with the wonderous might of ten men. Whereever the wind blows she’s there, pouring her soul out onto the world. On one particular day, not a special one, just regular, a man stopped to hear her soul. He listened. He felt. Could see a tear drip from each not. Grateful, visibly moved, he dug deep into his pockets, making sure to grab everything not attached to his pants pocket. he gave her all that he had in the world: $2.54 and a half of a package of LifeSavers. He placed it into her brown tam overturned at her feet and turned to continue on his journey. Excuse me, Sir? He hears her melodious voice and wonders for a moment if the musical notes have somehow formed into words. He turns. Yes? My tam fell off as I played I did not intend to ask for donation. I understand. But you play so beautifully I felt compelled to give you all I have. If this is all you have, please keep it for yourself. I will be fine, just keep playing. The sax player continued to play. The man continued on his journey.

Months passed. Leaves changed colors. And the sax player continued to blow. The man, the $2.54 man, continued his journey that lead back to his first encounter with the sax player. There she was again, playing, pulling at heartstrings and edging on tears. Again, the brown tam was by her feet. This time it was full of LifeSavers. She opened her eyes, felt his stare, locked. Stayed that way until she finished her song. This is for you, she pointed to her tam. I wanted to help. Waited right here for you. I can’t accept pay backs, blocks my blessings. Pay it forward. My fortune has turned. Can I by you coffee, then, to show my gratitude? They had coffee together that day. And so begins their journey together.

A.N.- I wrote this so many years ago. I actually forgot about it. I have plenty of pieces like this. Ones that I started and forgot about. The above is unedited. I typed it just how I wrote it in my journal.
I will eventually edit it though. I think. Just some minor tweaks.


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