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Round One Goals

Round One of ROW 80 begins on January 2, 2012 and lasts through March 22, 2012.

Here is my goal for this round:

FINISH MY SHORT STORY, MBW: I will write a minimum of 250 words daily on this WIP (work in progress). I found that trying to set aside specific time slots does not work for me. So if I need to hide in the bathroom to get my 250 in then so be it!

That’s it. Short, sweet, clear, concise, measurable goal. I found that I often spread myself thin trying to focus on several projects at once. So, I’m applying the lesson learned in previous rounds.


And I’m okay with that.

Happy Creativity ROWers!


4 thoughts on “Round One Goals

  1. Simple is good. I honestly think that those who set too many goals are missing the whole point (and all the power) of a writing challenge/dare. Yes, you have multiple goals in life, but a writing challenge allows you to focus on a particular thing and actually achieve it.


  2. I love your goal–it seems like you know who you are and how you write–and I think that is half the battle. I found that I need to write with others, or at least have others keep me accountable to writing, which is why I do things like ROW 80. This is my first time trying ROW 80, and I’m super excited about it! 🙂

    Looking forward to sharing goals and progress with you!


    • Thank you for stopping by Heather. I am learning me everyday. I am a work in progress! ROW80 is a great challenge with the added bonus of having a group of supportive writers cheering each other on. I’ve been ROWing since January 2011…welcome!


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