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ROW check in

I am going to get straight to it.

Progress Update:
Goal #1- I will write at least three days per week, at least one scene per day.
I got off to a slow start this week but so far I’ve completed two scenes in two days, adding about 1200 words to my WIP, and I still have today to get my third scene in (my week starts on Mondays). I know I stated that I wouldn’t focus on word count. And I’m not…not really. As I wrote, I focused on completing the scene and I was just curious as to my word count once I finished.

Goal #2- I will complete weekly assignments for my Gotham Writers Workshop online course

I completed my first assignment on time. WhooooHoooo. And I received feedback from the instructor (dun dun duuuuunnnn). I was afraid to submit my assignment. It was my first piece of writing (outside of the poetry class in college) to be critiqued and my anxiety level rose higher than I expected. I received some great feedback from the instructor and know the areas I need to focus on. For instance, I need to be a bit more concise so that I can get my point across in under 500 words. I glossed over a few things in order to stay within the guidelines of the assignment.


16 thoughts on “ROW check in

  1. Great job! I know it’s hard not to focus on word count, and it is a great way to measure progress, but getting the scenes drafted the way we want them is just as important. Good luck for the next week!


  2. Great job on your goals! Adding 1200 words is a great accomplishment. And congrats on getting your assignment handed in and facing your fears about being critiqued. Sounds like you’ve had an awesome week!


  3. Good job with your writing goals. Being concise can be tough. I used to have a professor that asked us to cover a lot of information in our papers, but counted off for anyone who went over the page limits he set. It was a real challenge, but also a good skill to learn.

    Hope you manage to get three full scenes in this week!


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