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Last ROW round… of 2011

This year has gone by so quickly. I remember starting the first round, now knowing what to expect or even if I’d measure up to the other “real” writers in the challenge. I’ve learned many lessons since the first round and I’m still learning. I’ve grown since Round One mainly due to the overwhelming support that is found in each crew member ROWing through this writing life.

So, here are my Round 4 goals: I look forward to any fellow ROWer to yell at me, “BICHOK!“:

1. I will write at least three days per week, at least one scene per day
This will be my first time trying to focus on scenes instead of wordcount or set time, we’ll see how it goes

2. I will complete weekly assignments for my Gotham Writers Workshop online course that actually begins tomorrow (10/04/11). It is a six week course and this will be my first time taking a GWW course.

Hold me accountable ROWees as I will you…

Happy Writing!


6 thoughts on “Last ROW round… of 2011

  1. Your goals look great. I’m interested in seeing what experience you have by trying a scene a day rather than a page or word count. I’ve seen many people use a variety of systems here and this is a bit different.

    Best of luck in the coming week and with the Gotham class šŸ™‚


  2. I love the scene idea.. I think that is less stressful. I am borrowing this idea. I believe my writing will flow a little easier when I concentrate on the scene rather than the word count.

    Thanks for an amazing idea..


    Ok, I feel better now..

    Happy ROWing!



    • Hi Darlene! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how the scene idea works for you too. Its great to connect to people all over but its nice to have someone close to home too. Stop by anytime.


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