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What week are we in? (ROW80 check in)

Seriously, because everything is a blur.

This has been an absolutely crazy week for me.

My friend passed away. I’m not taking it well and my grief is presenting itself as anger. Actually, I find myself teetering between being angry and aloof. Weird, this grieving thing.

Kate asked if our WIPs were dragging, if we are still as passionate as we were during week one.

My passion is always here. It’s just that sometimes the flame is raging and sometimes it flickers. But it always remains lit.

I do, however, have an issue with my WIP. While I have been sprinkling words here and there into it this week -given the circumstances, I am having a difficult time with a conversation that needs to take place between my MC and her father. She has to tell him that she was raped… years after it happened. But we (my MC and I) are having a difficult time with telling him the details although we’ve rehearsed it several times. So to answer Kate’s question, yes my WIP is dragging because I’m making it drag.

Just say it already! (That outburst was more for me… and my MC. So we can move on, we’ve got some juiciness to get into!)

To sum up my week’s progress:
Wordcount: sprinkles
Articles: a big fat donut
Passion: on simmer

I am not sure how this upcoming week will go as far as writing because my friend’s memorial is tomorrow evening and his funeral is Thursday morning. And I’m sure I will have an anxiety attack before Thursday… I have a really tough time with funerals.

Here’s something of note, though, I followed a link from a ROWer’s blog to 750words.com today. I signed up and tried it out. I actually made it to 804 words in about 40 minutes with distractions. Now they were free-flowing-let-me-try-this-thing-out words and not directed towards my WIP but if I focus I can exceed my ROW80 goal with 800 plus words per day. We’ll see.

I’m not completely sure about much these days but this is what I do know: I’m still here.

And I’m going to make it count.


10 thoughts on “What week are we in? (ROW80 check in)

  1. You’ve got a lot going on – don’t feel bad about the “sprinkle” of words. Hope you do alright this week with life. Then after that, I hope the words start to flow stronger for you.


  2. My sympathy for your loss. A dear friend of mine died a few years ago, and it is so hard to go through that. It’s certainly understandable to have a sprinkle of words during a flood of grief. Best wishes to you getting back on track when you’re ready and getting through this tough time.


  3. I am really sorry to hear about your friend and it is understandable that your writing may well be on the back burner this week. Take care of yourself and if you can write some words this week then you are moving forward. That scene with your MC and her father sounds intense. Maybe just ‘chuck’ the words down however they come and accept it may need lots of editing to make it how you want.


  4. I’m really sorry to hear about your friend. It must be very hard. At least you can vent to us fellow ROW80ers about writing. And I have to say, your blogging style if very entertaining so I’m sure your WIP will be the same! Keep on trucking. I’ve seen this 750words thing somewhere before. Maybe its time I check it out.


  5. Lit is better than unlit especially given the state of your week. My sympathies for your loss.

    750words is easy to combine with other writing tasks. Sometimes I use it for my WIP, at others for the first draft of blog posts, to puzzle out an issue or just as a diary to outlet the frustrations and joys of the day so I can sleep at night. The point is, to write. The stability that comes with that is worth more than anything else.

    Best of wishes for the coming week. Stay strong 🙂


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