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Life…. it happens

I’ve been MIA from #ROW80 for about two weeks now.

My #ROW80 goals have not been met. I have no articles. I’ve managed a couple hundred words in two weeks.

Life happened.

It started with the sinus headache minions that crawled through my nasal canal in the attempt to suck the life out of me through my nostrils. But that subsided and I attempted to get back on track when I received a text message from a friend.

Our mutual friend “is in the hospital on life support. It doesn’t look good.”


I’ve visited my friend twice this week (last week if your week starts on Sunday). I didn’t know how I would react to seeing him lying in that bed hooked up to all of those machines. I cried for days after I left the hospital that first night. Had trouble sleeping too. I prayed for him almost constantly. The second visit was a little easier. I stayed a bit longer. Talked to his mother. Talked to him. Rested my hand on his arm.

The visit went a little better. But surprisingly (and I’m conflicted about this), I was inspired to write. Ideas raced through my mind. Words put themselves perfectly together in my head. I got a sensation that ran through my core and made me feel light and open. I call it my Creative Mojo and it ran through me at that moment as if a dam had broken inside of me. My river of tears transformed into words. And I was conflicted. I don’t know how to feel when someone’s tragedy gives me inspiration. That was not my intention. I genuinely care about my friend and my prayers for his recovery are true.

Why do I feel so bad about something that brings me joy?

If this situation has taught me anything it’s that life is too short so live it! I will no longer fight when my Mojo floods the streets of my soul. I will embrace it.

And so I’ve decided…I am incorporating more writerly things into my life and the first thing that I’ve done is respond to an email on participating in the development of a workshop . I can help someone else and learn a few things in the process. I’m also checking out a few Twitter leads on freelance writing.

I feel good today. Alive. We can only do what we can do.

So here’s what I’ll do: I will get some writing done today. And I will visit my friend.


17 thoughts on “Life…. it happens

  1. Life does indeed happen. Glad you are back and I hope that things work out for your friend. Spending time supporting those closest to us is important (the original social network). All the best for the coming week.


  2. Our emotions produce some of our best writing, I believe. With your friend in hospital, all those emotions came up and aroused your Creative Mojo. Go with it!

    I hope your friend gets better soon…and that you enjoy the writing.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  3. So sorry about your friend. I am wishing the best for you and those close to him.

    I think that we often find inspiration to create in the worst of times. I don’t know if our mind is defending itself, giving us something to focus on outside of chaos we can’t control, or if it just helps us access deeper emotion that push us towards expressing ourselves better.

    Whatever the reason, there is nothing to feel badly about. You are there for those who need you, and then you are taking care of yourself, too.

    Best wishes for the week ahead!


  4. You shouldn’t feel guilty about your creative mojo. Writing helps us process. I think it’s a very effective therapy that, as Amber said, helps us access deeper emotions and put them into words when we probably wouldn’t be able to otherwise. If it’s letting those feelings flow and not keeping them bottled up inside, then it’s serving a very healthy, beneficial purpose. I’m sorry about your friend, and I hope this week goes better for both of you.


  5. I can relate. My creativity seems to kick up when there is some type of conflict or turmoil happening in my life. I think it is because that is when we are in touch the most with our hearts. Writing comes from the heart, thus I feel it is our way of dealing with harder times. Go with it. Let it flow. You will feel better and be better equipped to help support others. It sounds as if you are a very good friend. Hope all goes well.


  6. First of all, prayers for your friend. Life is what inspires us to write, so you shouldn’t feel guilty when it sparks your mojo. Some things we write need to be sad an deep, so it makes sense that we wouldn’t only be inspired by a sunset or beautiful day.

    Glad you didn’t give up on your writing or your ROW 80 check ins. Welcome back. Good luck with this coming week.


  7. I began this writing journey while nursing my mother at home through her decline and death – a long degenerative time for her and a very stressful time for me – My first book took off during this period (I was new at writing) why something terrible and stressful stirs creativity I don’t know but look at other artists during history – there seems to be something – don’t feel bad – go with it it doesnt diminish what you feel for your friend as it didnt diminish how Ifelt for my mother.

    all the best for you and your friend


  8. I’ve – regrettably – been in your situation – providing comfort and support while feeling lost or conflicted – way too much. You seem to be in an interesting place to gain big-picture perspective on life. I think it’s a kind of tribute to your friend that your mojo woke up and ‘came to life’ while you are simply giving of yourself to him and his family. Says a lot about you too, actually. Have as many digital hugs as you need. I’m sorry for your friend’s situation, and send prayers for all. Take care 🙂


  9. Thank you all for all of your support and well wishes. My friend passed away today. I will grieve. Then I will honor him by living life to the fullest. This is my intention but fear is a powerful thing…. stay tuned. I continue to write though. He went to Miami with his friends in June and posted on Facebook that he had the best time of his life. I’m holding on to that. He was living his life and touched so many others- he was a school teacher and little league basketball and baseball coach. He worked hard for those kids in the leagues for NO MONEY, strictly for the kids. He was good to people…. Again, thank you all.


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