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Did Sunday Just Zoom By? (ROW80 check in #6)

What’s worse than writer’s block?

SINUS PRESSURE! UGGGGHHHH! This headache won’t quit. So much pressure, my teeth hurt!

I was able to take my “short story” to 10,000 words then my groove came to a screeching halt! (I’ve always wanted to use that figure of speech… anyway-) I have not touched my WIP since last week. I have calculated that I need to write 2,300 words per week to reach my goal of writing of 20,000 during this round. (Remember 7,300 of those 10,000 words predates this round so I’m not counting them. Huh? Does that make sense? If it doesn’t I blame this wretched sinus headache.)

All that to say I need to have at least 27,300 words by September and I’ve hit a roadblock. Or rather it hit me. It’s taking so much to type this post….

I do know where I want to go with the story so just gotta get over THIS hump.

Mama said there’d be days like this…


3 thoughts on “Did Sunday Just Zoom By? (ROW80 check in #6)

  1. Oh, man, I hate sinus headaches! The whole humidity/change in pressure thing going on in the States right now is prime for them, too.

    I hope you feel better soon! The writing will be there when you can see again 🙂


  2. forget goals while sinus are hurting – been there, have that tee shirt – brain will not fuction with that pressure – all will be well again when it goes

    all the best for this week


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