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Super short #ROW80 update (check in #5)

I’m all hopped up on Mountain Dew!

Okay, not really. But I feel like it. I’ve been writing and writing, getting into my groove. I’m so proud of me! I hope I can keep up my momentum. You know how life sometimes throws you a curve ball and your mojo runs away again… Anyway, I’m writing. And, my husband is writing too. (although he hasn’t let you guys know because he’s still learning to blog and tweet). I think having a regular work schedule helps.

I started this round with the goal of writing 25,000 words between two WIPs. So far, I’ve added 2000 words to one WIP. I’m not counting what I wrote prior to this challenge (7300 words) because I’d only be cheating myself. I see that I have to step it up a bit but my momentum is good and I’m excited! I’ll get there. My other goal was to write at least three articles for my friend’s website, one per month. I haven’t started on those yet. I’d better get to it….July’s almost over!

I’m moving right along!


2 thoughts on “Super short #ROW80 update (check in #5)

  1. Great momentum! Keep it going and you’ll be amazed what you’ve done by the end of Round 3!

    It sounds like you have a writing family–that’s really nice. I’m glad you’re with us on this round-keep up that enthusiasm!


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