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Who’s line is this?

You ever come across a piece of your own writing and not recognize it?

This happened to me few a days ago. Once in a while, I print out what I’ve written to read over and red mark it up. Gives my eyes some much-needed rest from reading the computer screen. I recently moved and I’m still unpacking and while unpacking I came across a few type written pages. At first glance I didn’t recognize the words or character names. I read about half way down the page and realized, “Hey! I wrote this!” Weird.

I read somewhere that a writer should put her/his writing to the side for a bit before revising. If I looked at the draft correctly, I haven’t revised, rewritten, edited, or RE-edited since 2006. Huh? Ummm, I don’t think the advice-giver meant put it to the side for five years. The piece isn’t finished but coming across it while unpacking serves as a reminder that I have some words down that I can’t let go to waste. I so love the story line so focusing on that piece will be my next goal (or the one after that…).

Well, as for my Round 3 #ROW80 goals, I haven’t quite stuck to my schedule but I have gotten some work done on a WIP that I started last year. I typed up my hand written story (7300 words), wrote an outline, and jumped back in! I’ve been working on it all morning. I would still be working on it right now but I have this family thing today, had to stop to get dressed. (I’m sneaking in this post! Shhhh….)

I’m thinking of reworking my goals… but I’m going to leave them as they are for now. I’m just so excited that I am writing again. I love the feeling of being in place that I created. I almost cried this morning while writing a hospital scene! I love it!

My runaway character that I mentioned in a previous post, Douglass Church. He hasn’t been doing anything lately but I’m sure that won’t last. He just arrived in Philadelphia and is itching to take in the big city. He asks me, almost daily, if he can go downtown. Not by yourself, Douglass. We’ll go soon. This won’t hold him over for long though…

I hope everyone is also excited or trying to get back to their excitement (I know how this is) about their WIPs.


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