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ROW, ROW, ROW80 (Check-in #3)

I feel like a ’86 Datsun on a road made for 2012 Nissans …. I just can’t keep up!

Wednesdays sure do come ’round fast these days! I missed one just yesterday. I’m going to keep at it though. I am still super excited about my writing. And I love my characters… I’m saying all of this to say I have not done anything. Well, that’s not true. I’ve been transcribing some of my handwritten WIP…. and revising as I go along. But no new words. Not yet anyway.

Today I read Zen and the Art of Chocolate by Cate Morgan and the analogy she used helped me in more than one way. Any excuse to have chocolate is helpful to me! But more importantly I see that I have been trying to stuff the Snickers bars in the M & Ms.

In this battle to win top billing, THE STATE (AKA my job), has my WIP on the ropes….

But we will prevail…. and our spoils will be a plethora of words- AND CHOCOLATE!!!

Tune in next time folks, the words will runneth over!

Thank you for your support!


2 thoughts on “ROW, ROW, ROW80 (Check-in #3)

  1. Just keep at it, as you said! As Holly Black puts it: “The only bad book is an unwritten one.” At least, I think she said that. And I LOVE your pic- a chocolate keyboard??? Mmm. Talk about a real way to not get any work done! 🙂


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