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Check-in #1

Hello everyone!

Well, two days in and I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been focusing on my one short story. I’ve been re-reading and revising. I have 15 more pages to go then I can start adding again. I haven’t sat for one hour uninterrupted though or unplugged. Its been more like ten minutes here, five minutes there for about two hours. I have explained to my husband about ROW80 and my goals. I even got him to sign up! He created a blog, a twitter account, AND signed up for ROW80 all in the same day! (Check him out-Midnight Oil, @GhostWrite1973- I hope he’s not too cerebral!) I don’t think he gets it yet though… we’ll see. I’ll try to be patient because he’s new to the challenge.

It’s great because I’m excited about my writing again. I am interested in freelance article writing though and that new interest may be a distraction. But I will try to stay focused…. but if you want to help me get started send me an email or reply to this post. I may even be able to fit it into my goals for this round! 😀


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