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Goals for #ROW80, R3

I am so excited about this Round! I’m finally home and settling into my new apartment and new job. This a great time to add a new writing schedule to my plate. This Round I think I’ll start off slow and increase my output goals as we go along. The excellent thing about this challenge is that our goals can change with our lives. As long as those goals are measurable and we are working toward them we will be fine. Having the support of other writers is a (much needed) bonus!

My goals for Round 3 are to 1)Write 25,000 words between two WIPs and 2)Complete at least 3 articles for my friend’s website.

How do I plan to reach those goals? By breaking them down, of course!
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays will be my dedicated writing days where I will write for a minimum of one hour each day. During the week, this will be a challenge but Sunday should be just fine. Any other writing I get in will be cake!
Sundays will also be dedicated to article research and writing. I will submit one article per month (July, August, September)

The actual challenge will come in the form of explaining my goals and writing days to my family and having them respect my writing time. I’ll be updating twice per week so you’ll read about it…
Happy Writing! šŸ™‚


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